D-link dns-722-4 2bay+4ch


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  • 2-Bay Sata NVR device, supports up to 3TB of Storage
  • Features RAID 0/1 and JBOD
  • Gigabit Ethernet port (supports jumbo frames)
  • Smart search utility makes it easy to find recorded events
  • PTZ funtions available from NVR
  • Supports 3rd party IP Cameras
  • No need to have a PC always on to manage the recording
  • Manage up to 4 NVR units via the D-ViewCam NVR software
  • View up to 4 Cameras at one time
  • Record and view footage at the same time
  • Dynamic DNS support – for systems without fixed IP address
  • 2-year warranty

The D-Link DNS-726-4 Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) offers a comprehensive solution for displaying, storing and managing video data generated by IP cameras. With remote monitoring in high resolution at a fraction of the cost, this improves dramatically on conventional CCTV surveillance systems.

Instant Live View

D-Link’s intuitive GUI interface simplifies viewing live and recorded video from the NVR. Each camera can be set up with their own compression, resolution and frame rate on a single page. Total available recording time for the system is also clearly displayed.

A variety of options are available for viewing and organising camera footage on-screen. For a system with multiple channels, users can switch cameras by simple drag and drop. A single camera may be viewed full-screen with optional two-way audio.

Cameras equipped with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions can be controlled using the interface buttons or by directly clicking on the video. A given camera position can be saved and later restored in a click.

Extensive Recording Functionality

The NVR records video from up to 8 local and remote IP cameras. Each camera can be independently set to record continuously or during specific  timeframes. Specific events such as motion can also be set to trigger recording.

When HDD space runs out, the NVR can be configured to overwrite the oldest data automatically, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted recording. Users can specify the number of days the recording should be kept (within the limits of the HDD capacity). For example, if the NVR has the capacity to store 7 days of recording, using the overwrite option, the NVR will record the 8th day and delete the 1st day. The NVR also provides the option to stop recording when the HDD is full. Should the disk reach capacity, a notification can be sent via e-mail or to an external device such as an audible alarm or LED display via the DI/DO interface.

Powerful Event Management

The NVR centrally controls digital output, e-mail notifications and recording for all the connected cameras: for example, if camera 1 detects motion, the NVR can trigger camera 2 to record, camera 3 to output a light and camera 4 to adjust to a preset position.

These events will be logged, with optional notifications via e-mail or output devices. Users can set up multiple contact lists for event notification. A straightforward logging system organises events by date for easy recall.

Intelligent Playback

After selecting a desired video period for display, the NVR can instantly begin playback. The DNS-726-4 supports 8 channel simultaneous playback, with up to 16x  fast forward or fast backward speed. The step playback option displays one frame at a time. Additionally, users can enhance the recorded video with controls such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

Two formats are available to export video: the AVI format will export raw video and the ASF file format will transpose a timestamp on the exported video. If a printer is connected to the user’s PC, the NVR can also print the selected still image.

Smart Search

With the Smart Search function, detecting notable events becomes effortless. By selecting a target area on the video and setting search sensitivity, the Smart Search will go through the video database and locate noteworthy events. Search criteria include motion detection, missing object, lost focus or camera occlusion.

Comprehensive data and hardware security

The NVR ensures the security and integrity of IP camera footage at every stage:

  • Administrators can filter external connections to the NVR by IP address to limit access, and choose access privileges for users by specifying the cameras they may access for live view, playback, audio and PTZ functions.
  • Recorded data is stored in a secure database. This recorded data can be backed up to additional storage locations periodically or whenever needed. The NVR also includes the option to protect data using a RAID 1 configuration. RAID 1 duplicates the recordings database onto two separate drives. In the event of an HDD failure, data integrity is maintained on the secondary HDD.
  • A UPS can be used as emergency power supply for the NVR. The UPS uses a USB interface to notify the NVR to perform a proper shutdown before battery power runs out. In the event of a power failure without a UPS, the NVR will boot up automatically once power is restored.

Of course, the security of data is irrelevant unless the device itself is protected from theft. For this reason, the sleek NVR enclosure is compact and easy to conceal in a secure remote location. A front panel lock protects the HDD and a rear panel lock can be used to secure the NVR with a cable.

Complete Network Functionality

The D-Link NVR can connect directly to the Internet without requiring a router. Dynamic DNS is supported for systems operating without a fixed IP address. The NVR can then be reached from the Internet using a domain name that is easy to remember. To ensure the accuracy of time, essential if the video footage is to be used as evidence, the NVR can update the system clock from an Internet server using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

D-ViewCam NVR Software

The D-ViewCam NVR software is bundled with the D-Link NVR. It consists of: – the “Playback Manager”, a clean and simple web GUI interface that allows users to play, search or export video

  • the “ Backup and File Manager”, a flexible backup utility that simplifies the process of backing up video data from the NVR to external storage
  • the “Multi-NVR Viewer” which supports simultaneous display of up to 16 channels. You can easily organise the view by directly dragging and dropping video onto the display window. Cameras managed by the NVR can also be viewed as individual sites or categorised into groups.